Commissioner FAQs

How long is the typical term of service?

Commissioners are appointed for a three year term of service.

What are commissioner requirements?

  • Assist the commission and staff in the following ways:
    • Provide professional expertise when applicable.
    • Represent the commission and staff to public officials, to organizations and at events.
  • Accept or volunteer for one standing committee.
  • As available participate in one of the following events per year:
    • AmeriCorps member interviews
    • Serve Idaho conference
    • Idaho Philanthropy Day nomination review
    • AmeriCorps grant review process
  • Fulfill all other obligations as defined by the executive order, commission by-laws, policies and procedures and other applicable requirements.
  • Attend three Serve Idaho quarterly commission meetings. If needed, up to one meeting per year may be attended via phone.
  • Attend a one-day strategic planning workshop in October.
  • Participate in committee meetings as determined by the committee.

What are the standing committees?

  • Governance
    • Identifies new Commission members and provides on-boarding and mentoring.
    • Responsible for reviewing and updating by-laws.
  • Outreach
    • Promote Serve Idaho and its programs.
    • Assist in developing and implementing a strategy to provide outreach across the state.
  • Program
    • Reviews AmeriCorps grant applications and determines Serve Idaho national service funding priorities.
    • Participates in on-site evaluations of AmeriCorps programs when possible.

Where does the commission meet?

Commission meetings take place in Boise.

How many commissioners serve on the Serve Idaho Commission?

There are between 15 to 25 commissioners on the Serve Idaho Commission.

How do I apply to become a commissioner?

The Governor appoints members to the commission. Individuals interested in applying should fill out the application for appointment and submit a résumé to Renee Bade at

Are commission meetings open to the public?

Yes, in accordance with state open-meeting laws.

Will I be required to contribute financially?

Serve Idaho commissioners are asked to assist with fundraising for Serve Idaho events including the Idaho Philanthropy Awards. This may include making a personal contribution, connecting Serve Idaho to sponsors, or assisting with acquiring financial and in-kind donations.

If travel is required, will I be reimbursed?

Commissioners are reimbursed for commission-related travel, such as travel to quarterly commission meetings or the Serve Idaho conference.