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3 Reasons You Should Not Use Social Media For Business

Some of them are self-proclaimed, preaching on top of a soapbox about the wow and now of social media. Others have earned the right to preach and share their encouraging messages, but too often it’s only the “good word” of Social Media. They’re all preaching – they need to fill their donation buy followers on instagramplate – and they’re all making money when you buy into social media. By the way, thank you for purchasing my book on social media. It also appears there is no shortage of books, articles and whitepapers showcasing the success stories of businesses using social media to meet their goals. Every story has a happy ending, and someone gets something you wish you had in the end. Like statistics, there are more than enough success stories for you to reference (p. 229 in Satellite Marketing) to make your case to choose social media. But what most will not share with you is the cold, hard truth of it all.

social media

1: Your audience isn’t there.

Social media is current and trending as a communications channel, but that doesn’t guarantee the people you are trying to reach are there. Pew (2013) reports 87 percent of Americans are online, which means 13 percent are not. Of those 87 percent online, 26 percent don’t use social media. Depending on your audience demographics and psychographics, there’s a good chance they’re not there. Before you invest any time in developing a where can i buy instagram followers social media presence, be sure your audience is using social media and you know where they are. The Internet is a big place, and just because Facebook is your favorite social networking service doesn’t necessarily make it the best starting place for your business.

2: Social media doesn’t work for every business.

Despite popular opinion, social media marketing does not work for every business. And no matter how much using social media to communicate makes sense to you, it has to make buy instagram followers for free sense to your audience or it just won’t work. You have to be in an industry that uses social media to communicate, and you have to use the right type of social media. If you can’t communicate with the people and share information in a public space, it doesn’t make sense for your business to use social media.

3: There are easier ways to get in front of your audience.

One of the biggest attractions for businesses to social media is the potential audience, but one of the biggest myths is that you can get one. If you do include social media in your communications plan, utilize it as part of an integrated marketing plan. Connect social media with advertisements in print, promotions on television, sales on radio, events on billboards and targeted digital campaigns online.