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Internal communicators are now community managers

It’s clear that we must have a conversation with our customers, but are we doing this with our employees? Internal communications professionals used to talk to their employees from a one-way safety of intranet portals and newsletters. This new breed of the empowered employee wants to have a conversation, ask questions and challenge the status quo. Internal communications groups must work in lockstep with senior leadership to create these environments, buy twitter followers australia and your corporate culture will impact how open you are ultimately able to be. It takes a particular brand of leadership to be able to commit to this degree of transparency, but once you do, results will astound you—just check out this story of Giam Swiegers, the CEO of Deloitte Australia. As internal communication platforms evolve to become two-way and conversational, so will the role of internal communications professionals. They will essentially become community managers, helping connect people and ideas, starting and facilitating discussions.

Social Media

Content bar continues to rise

Content will continue to be the price of admission to starting a conversation with the market. As has been true for some time, direct advertising is nowhere as effective as useful content that helps solve customer problem. Each organization must think of itself as a mini-publisher with a strong editorial voice that inspires and excites, while being aligned with overall brand voice and vision statement. But because everyone is creating content these days, buy targeted twitter followers raising the bar to even be heard. The key to creating content that stands out is to help your customers, prospects and partners get their jobs done, creating a consultative partnership. Focus on the larger issues that they face and don’t focus so narrowly that you end up with step-by-step instructions on how to use your product (and yes, you should absolutely be creating those too). Focus on storytelling and whenever possible, add customer stories – success sells success.

Rise of employee as a brand evangelist

The concept of the Social Customer has come front and center, as we vie for his/her advocacy and wallet. But how many of us are focused on turning our employees into advocates? If you are not, buy 1 million instagram likes you are leaving money on the table. Engaged employees who are empowered to positively impact their businesses, will reach dramatic business results—just check out this Gallup study for benefits of engagement. Currently there exists a chasm between customer experience in social vs. traditional channels, which I believe is driven by the disparity in access to resources. Access to resources (information, training, as well as people) to help solve customer problems will empower employees to act faster and in the interests of the customer, ultimately making them feel more in control of their jobs, more engaged—and we all know that engaged employees are less likely to leave. Let’s not forget that passion is infectious, and in any customer-facing position, passionate employees will have a greater success rate with everything from customer service to sales.