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Follow-up with leads (not necessarily through social).

After any event, it’s important to send an email or make a phone call to follow up with your leads. Connecting on LinkedIn is also a great way to get in his/her social circles buy twitter followers for cheap while still remaining professional.After an event, you should update the webpage you created with new videos and images from the event. Hopefully you will have some attendees also getting involved!

Follow-up with leads

Pop Up your Web site

Forget web standards and in fact think about the sanity of your website visitors- a true Social Media Guru needs to bling up their website. This means plenty of special effects and blockades as the visitor walks through your website (if they get past the first page). Ideas to look at implementing could be an initial splash screen or a gate technique to instantly get people to sign up to your newsletter when the visitor twitter followers buy wants to view an article on your site. Use pop ups on every page (don't give visitors the option for it to not appear next time) and use flash for snazzy effects (they won't work on most mobile devices- but who browses the web on a phone?!) If you put a roadblock in front of your visitor at every point, they will soon just give up and sign up for your mailing list. It works every time- 100% guaranteed!

Do LION on LinkedIn

The acronym "LION" stands for "LinkedIn Open Networker". It is the practice of connecting with people on LinkedIn that you've never met before in order to bridge networks of closed people. Technically the LinkedIn terms and conditions state that you should only send and accept connection requests from people you know, but social network terms and conditions are there to be broken! The true power of LIONs is to build up your network to an insane level (remembering of course that numbers are everything) and being able to connect with more influential people who were previously out of your network. These influential people who are now closer to becoming your connection will probably not connect with you or at least respond how do you buy followers on twitter to any of your messages or InMails- but that is missing the point. The fact is, you've built up your network to Guru status and your connections will be in awe of the people in your 1st level connections list. A power tip is to put the "LION" in your name in LinkedIn- that way you'll be showing off the fact that you will accept invitations from anyone. Again, technically this is against LinkedIn's terms and conditions, but whatever...