Encouraging volunteerism and community service.

Idaho Healthcare for Children and Families AmeriCorps

Idaho Healthcare for Children and Families members serve as "health advocates" for children and families, assisting them with navigating through the healthcare system and providing valuable community resources. Prime location sites are in Head Start/Early Head Start programs in Idaho.

Responsibilities of Health Advocate would include such things as:

  • Completing health history and nutrition screenings with families
  • Developing health resource packets
  • Ensuring quality service for families
  • Establishing medical and dental homes
  • Classroom health education sessions
  • Parent night health education sessions
  • Promotion of health at various children events
  • Updating community resource manuals
  • Implementing health and safety manuals
  • Implementing emergency preparedness manuals for staff
  • Distributing, collecting and analyzing parent surveys

Full-time members: 10 
Half-time members: 2
Reduced-time members: 3 
Education only Awards: 28

Barbara Cunningham, Senior Grants Project Coordinator- IHCF Program
Institute of Rural Health

Idaho State University

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Pocatello, ID  83209-8174
Phone:  (208) 282-4560

Fax:  (208) 282-4074

E-mail: cunnbarb@isu.edu