Encouraging volunteerism and community service.

State Service Plan

The State Service Plan is the commission’s 3-year strategy for coordinating volunteer activities across all streams of service in the state. Reflecting stakeholder input for long-term objectives of the commission, the plan is intended as a living document that will continue to be updated as goals are accomplished and needs change over time.

The State Service Plan includes: 

  1. A snapshot summary of top priorities throughout Idaho
  2. Serve Idaho's three-year goals and 2016 work plan

» Read the 2016-2018 State Serve Plan (PDF)

About Serve Idaho

Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act

The Serve America Act of 2009 is the most sweeping expansion of national service in a generation. It expands opportunities for Americans of all ages to serve and puts AmeriCorps on a path of growth, from 75,000 to 250,000 members by 2017.

More importantly, it positions citizen service at the center of our nation’s response to crises in education, health, clean energy, veterans and economic opportunity. It also challenges us to do a better job of demonstrating and measuring our ability to solve problems.

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